Destination weddings in italy

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Destination weddings in italy
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  • Civil Ceremonies
    Civil weddings take place in the town halls of every Italian city.
    All civil weddings performed in Italy are recognized in your native country and you will receive a marriage certificate valid in your country following the wedding.
    Catholic weddings, Protestant ceremonies in a church or any other location (villa, garden, castle, etc…) are also valid as civil weddings, if the celebrant is recognized by the Italian State.
  • Religious Ceremonies
    Catholic wedding ceremonies are always performed in a Catholic Church. Catholic wedding ceremonies follow a traditional Italian Catholic format but it is possible to personalize the music and the readings.
    We can also arrange weddings in Italy according to Protestant, Jewish and Orthodox rites.
    Protestant wedding ceremonies have many options and flexibility. Protestant and Anglican ceremonies can be performed in a church as well as in a palace, castle, villa, or garden.
  • Symbolic Weddings
    Symbolic weddings can take place anywhere in Italy - there are no restrictions.
    A symbolic wedding essentially consists of a symbolic ceremony or a blessing.
  • For legal weddings, it is required to present all of the necessary documents to the local authorities. Just ask your wedding coordinator for the correct procedures and which documents are required according to your nationality and the type of ceremony you would like to have.